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Ratafia de Centelles - Ratafia from Centelles  Photo, Barcelona, Spain

Ratafia de Centelles - Ratafia from Centelles

 by firadelaratafia@gmail.com

The ratafia is a typical catalan liquor, which is produced both industrially and in a craft, made with alcohol, sugar, green nuts, herbs and spices. People Centelles Township has a long tradition ratafia developed for their own consumption. Such is the fame, that every year ratafía fair is June, (Fira de la ratafia i productes de la terra), and also a ratafia competition, involving ratafias where makers are from Centelles and also the whole of Catalonia. In the picture you can see "Ratafía de Centelles", typical Centelles Ratafia, which can be purchased in grocery stores, bakeries, in the same municipality or point of information out there every Sunday públic market town. For more information, www.centelles.cat

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